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Bookkeeping & Accounting Outsourcing

We are a leading Accounting and Bookkeeping outsourcing company in India. A Team of qualified and experienced CPA's (Indian Chartered accountants) and Management Consultants is here to help you Outsource Bookeeing, Accounting, Data entry etc to us. We work with numerous  multi-sector companies and Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) in USA, UK and Australia. As an outsourcing partner we deliver high quality results to help you minimize costs, streamline processess and deliver timely and relaible services; so that you can focus on your core businesses.  

Our Services                                                                                           

1.  Day to Day Bookkeeping

2. Accounts Receivable / Payable

3. General Ledger Bookkeeping

4. Bank & Credit Card reconciliation

5. Past Accounting clean up

6. Customized Bookkeeping

7. Software Migration.

8. Annual Audit Support

9. MIS reporting.       

10. Data Entry, Crm entries etc                    


   Our Expertise :- 

1. Xero Bookeeping    



2. Quickbooks Bookeeping 


3. Saasu Bookeeping 


4. Myob Bookeeping 




5. Wave Bookeeping     



6. Freshbooks Bookeeping  



Our Pricing Model

1.   We work on hourly Basis $ 8 / hr

2.   Fixed Monthly Package


 Outsource us and get the Advantage of- 

1.   Competitive & flexible Pricing

2.   Experienced Team

3.   Well Equipped office infrastructure

4.   Data Privacy

5.   Latest software

6.  Cut Costs by more than 50%  

7.  Speed up and streamline processes

8.  Improve productivity

9.  Reduce Bad debts

10. Real time access through cloud software

11. No Staff/ manpower management at your end

12. Timely vendor and salary payments. 

13. Hassle free Data entry, Crm entries etc