Sale Branding
Duty Credit Scrips/ Electronically Transferable Scrips- Buy/ Sell

We also help companies- buy and sell duty credit scrips or electronically tranferrable scrips recevied under Export and Import schemes in India, schemes like

1. Rodtep

2. Rosctl

3. Seis

4. Meis


Our Role:-

1.  Checking and Validating the scrips before buy/ sell

2. Registeraion of Scrips at any Customs Port in India

3. Getting the best rates for clients

4. Ensure 100% complaince and no misuse of the scrips

We have a pool of Larges scale Private and Public sector companies who often buy and sell their scrips through us.

To Know todays best rate or to buy and sell Meis, Seis, Rodtep and Rostcl License or duty creidt scrips or electronically transfferable scrips/ licenses issued by dgft or customs, Contact us- 9370890321